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Acts and Regulations

Legislation and Statutory Rules (including Rules and Regulations) relevant to Children’s Court of Victoria

To view current legislation, go to the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website.

The Justice Legislation Amendment (System Enhancements and Other Matters) Act 2021 (JLASA), most of which came into operation on 26 April 2021, makes permanent many of the temporary legislative measures introduced in response to COVID-19.

Among other things, JLASA allows for:

  • courts to continue hearing certain matters via audio visual link;
  • courts to continue to make appropriate decisions without an in-person hearing; and
  • secure electronic signing and remote witnessing of various legal documents.

For more information:

  • Download this guide to JLASA in the Children’s Court developed by former Magistrate Peter Power. The guide includes:
    • details of the relatively complex provisions relevant to the Children’s Court;
    • details of certain provisions relevant to the Magistrates’ Court;
    • an executive summary of the provisions relevant to the Children’s Court (see page 2)  and details thereof (see pages 3-17).
  • View a webinar with Magistrate Fleming and former Magistrate Power discussing the provisions relevant to the Children’s Court. 


  • Bail Act 1977
  • Children, Youth and Families Act 2005
  • COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Act 2020
  • Crimes Act 1958
  • Criminal Procedure Act 2009
  • Evidence Act 2008
  • Family Violence Protection Act 2008
  • Justice Legislation Amendment (System Enhancements and Other Matters) Act 2021
  • Magistrates' Court Act 1989
  • Personal Safety Intervention Orders Act 2010

Rules and Regulations

  • Children, Youth and Families (Children's Court Family Division) Rules 2017
  • Children, Youth and Families Regulations 2017
  • Children's Court (Evidence - Audio Visual and Audio Linking) Rules 2018
  • Children's Court (Family Violence Protection) Rules 2018
  • Children's Court (Personal Safety Intervention Orders) Rules 2011
  • Children's Court Criminal Procedure Rules 2019
  • COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) (Criminal Proceedings and Other Matters) Regulations 2020

Guide to the Court’s jurisdiction, published on Judicial College of Victoria website

See Children's Court Bench Book

Comprehensive legal information on the jurisdiction and operation of the Children’s Court of Victoria, assembled by former Magistrate Peter Power

See Research Materials