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eDocs Portal Forms

A new Case Management System (CMS) is being developed for the Children's Court of Victoria (ChCV) and the Magistrates' Court of Victoria (MCV) as part of the state government's $1.9 billion package to address family violence, which will bring enhanced access to justice for Victorians, through stronger information sharing and improving court processes.

eDocs – electronic document lodgement 

Electronic document lodgement, known as eDocs, is being implemented at both ChCV and MCV Courts across Victoria from November through to January 2021.

The eDocs portal is an electronic document lodgement solution that provides a web portal for external court users to securely exchange documents digitally with courts without the need for physical interaction.

View a list of the eDocs Portal forms below.

CMS Project
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Children's Court of Victoria
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17 November 2020
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