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Entry to Children's Court COVID-19

Entry to Children’s Courts is restricted in order to protect the safety of all persons at Court premises and for the good order and management of legal proceedings.

Entry to Children’s Courts will be permitted in accordance with this notice.

Court Security Act 1980

In order to promote the safety of all persons who work at or attend the court premises; and the good order or management of legal proceedings or other business conducted at the court premises, only the following people are permitted to attend the Children’s Court in person: 

  1. A person who is a party to a proceeding and who is directed by the Court to attend;
  2. A person who requires immediate face to face services of the registry;

Masks must be worn at all times.

No other person may attend the Children’s Court in person.

In accordance with s 3(2A) of the Court Security Act 1980 authorized officers will direct persons to leave court premises when they do not need to be there. This is in order to maintain the security, good order and management of Court premises in the interests of all court users.

If you are asked to leave and feel unsafe doing so please let authorised officers know and alternative arrangements will be considered.

Simon McDonald 
Chief Executive Officer 
Children’s Court of Victoria