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2018 Victorian Protecting Children Awards

Marie Sehgal, Matthew Wilson, Judge Chambers, Karyn Lloyd, Magistrate MacPherson, Magistrate Hawkins, Ash Morris & Peter Lamb. 


The 2018 Victorian Protecting Children Awards were presented on Monday 3 September 2018, the 16th Anniversary of this award.

The awards are dedicated to the memory of Robin Clark, a widely respected child protection worker and leader in the field of child, youth and family services.

This year, the awards received 161 nominations in 14 categories from 33 organisations.

The Children's Court of Victoria is proud to announce that Ashley Morris and Marie Sehgal were finalists in the prestigious Minister’s Award for Innovation in Protecting Children. This is an outstanding and well-deserved recognition of their work the development and implementation of Marram-Ngala Ganbu. The nomination describes the work of Marram-Ngala Ganbu as “revolutionary” and credits Ash and Marie with “creating a court community that is informed, specialised and sharing” for Koori children and families. This recognition is a testament to their hard work and dedication to improving outcomes for Koori children.

The Court would also like to congratulate Karyn Lloyd, who received the Excellence in Child Protection Award for the Northern Region for her work as practice leader in the Family Drug Treatment Court and Marram-Ngala Ganbu at Broadmeadows. The award noted that Karyn’s contribution to both Marram-Ngala Ganbu and the Family Drug Treatment Court has had a significant impact on the ongoing development of the programs and on client outcomes, stating “Karyn brings exceptional energy, wisdom, diligence and compassion to her work in representing the best interests of children” .

Congratulations Ash, Marie and Karyn. 

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